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How to End Your Tax Year Right
Prepping your Finances for 2022 2021 is quickly—finally—coming to a close, which means it’s time to start getting your affairs in order for 2022. Organizing your 2021 business records, re-evaluating your business practices, and preparing for the upcoming tax season can help you set
December 2021 * 5 min read
How to Fill Your Bookkeeping Gaps
If you’re tracking your business expenses manually, finding gaps in your expense records is bound to happen. Here’s how you can complete your 2021 records before you file your taxes. Everyone starts their year intending to keep diligent records of their business expenses all year long—especially if they’re fresh off of a grueling weekend of preparing their tax return with unorganized and disparate records, and want to save themse
April 2021 * 6 min read
The Home Office Deduction
How to Know If You Qualify, and How to Calculate Your Deduction In a year when so many people are working from home, the subject of the home office deduction will inevitably be on the minds of self-employed people. Luckily, if you’re both self-employed and using a portion of your home for work, there’s a very goo
March 2021 * 7 min read
Kick Your Tax Season Off Right
Filing taxes is stressful enough—here’s how to make it as painless as possible There’s a reason why most people file their taxes at the last minute; the process can feel daunting, and the prospect of combing through your financial information seems like it might take an entire weekend. Luckily, you can typically file your taxe
March 2021 * 6 min read
PPP Loans - What’s Next?
If you recently received a forgivable PPP loan through the SBA, it’s time to start thinking about applying for loan forgiveness and getting smart on how your state treats PPP loans from a tax perspective As small business owners and self-employed people across America start seeing their PPP loan funds hitting their accounts, many folks are asking, “What next?” Now that you’ve got your loan, there are two key things you should consider- how to apply
March 2021 * 8 min read
How Should I Do My Taxes?
How to Choose a Filing Method Tax season is upon us, and for many taxpayers, that means it’s time to decide how they’re going to prepare their tax return this year. If you’re interested in saving time or money on tax filing, now is a good time to look at all of your options and c
December 2020 * 7 min read
2021 Tax Deadlines You Should Know
Important Tax-Related Dates to Mark on Your Calendar With 2021 coming to a close, we at Found know that running your own business doesn’t leave you a lot of time and energy for a long, stressful tax filing experience. Whether you’re a procrastinator who tends to leave taxes to the last day (we’ve been
December 2020 * 4 min read
Guide to Self-Employed Health Insurance
How to Get Your Own Health Plan If you’re self-employed and aren’t able to get health insurance from a spouse, you’ll have to deal with managing your own healthcare instead of relying on an employer to do it for you. While applying for your own plan, managing your payments, and dea
November 2020 * 7 min read
Deducting your Vehicle Expenses
What You Can Deduct, and How to Maximize Your Deduction If you ever use your personal vehicle for work reasons, you’ve probably noticed your car expenses climbing as a result. Business owners will inevitably use their own personal assets for work reasons, which can make the process of separating “business
September 2020 * 5 min read
How Your Tax Bill Is Calculated
The Behind-the-Scenes Math of Your Tax Liability Ever wondered how your tax preparer or tax filing software arrives at your final tax bill? The behind-the-scenes math of tax returns can seem tricky, but understanding the factors that influence your tax bill can help you make informed decisions abou
September 2020 * 6 min read
Common Deductions for Freelancers
Deductible Expenses You Should Make Sure You’re Tracking As a freelancer, one of the best ways to keep your tax bill as low as possible is to track your business expenses. Every purchase that you make for your business is likely deductible on your taxes—and every time you take a deduction, you lower your p
August 2020 * 5 min read
Guide to Quarterly Taxes
How to Determine If and How Much You Owe Quarterly taxes are one of the reasons why taxes can feel a little more complex for self-employed people. In this guide we’ll take you through the most common questions that Found gets about quarterly taxes, including how to figure out if you owe the
August 2020 * 5 min read
How to Set Up a Self-Employed Business
Guide to Setting Up a Self-Employed Business How to Set Up a Self-Employed Business Setting up your business when you’re self-employed doesn’t have to be terribly complicated or expensive. But there are a number of details that you need to take care of. If you promptly attend to them, you’ll be
February 2020 * 6 min read
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