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Employment Trends: The Great Resignation and the Move to Self-Employment
A record number of people left their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why are these workers are quitting, and should you be joining them?  
September 2022 * 4 min read
Top 9 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Small Business
September 2022 * 7 min read
The Complete Guide to Self-Employed Expense Reporting for Beauty & Barbering Businesses
June 2022 * 7 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Invoicing Software
May 2022 * 7 min read
Bookkeeping for Small Business - The Complete Guide
May 2022 * 7 min read
The Complete Guide to Self-Employed Expense Reporting
May 2022 * 7 min read
Small Business Banking 101: Everything You Need to Know
May 2022 * 7 min read
Common Tax Deductions for Freelancers and the Self-Employed
10 Deductible Tax Expenses for the Self-Employed 
March 2022 * 5 min read
2022 Tax Deadlines You Should Know
Important Tax-Related Dates to Mark on Your Calendar 
February 2022 * 4 min read
The Home Office Tax Deduction for the Self-Employed
How to Know If You Qualify, and How to Calculate Your Home Office Deduction 
February 2022 * 7 min read
Kick the 2022 Tax Season Off Right
Filing taxes is stressful enough—here are some tips to make it as painless as possible in 2022 
February 2022 * 6 min read
How to Prepare Self-Employment Taxes and End Your Tax Year right
Prepping your Finances for 2022 
December 2021 * 5 min read
How to Fill Your Bookkeeping Gaps
If you’re tracking your business expenses manually, finding gaps in your expense records is bound to happen. Here’s how you can complete your 2021 records before you file your taxes. 
April 2021 * 6 min read
PPP Loans - What’s Next?
If you recently received a forgivable PPP loan through the SBA, it’s time to start thinking about applying for loan forgiveness and getting smart on how your state treats PPP loans from a tax perspective 
March 2021 * 8 min read
How Should I Do My Taxes?
How to Choose a Filing Method 
December 2020 * 7 min read
Guide to Self-Employed Health Insurance
How to Get Your Own Health Plan 
November 2020 * 7 min read
Deducting your Vehicle Expenses
What You Can Deduct, and How to Maximize Your Deduction 
September 2020 * 5 min read
How Your Tax Bill Is Calculated
The Behind-the-Scenes Math of Your Tax Liability 
September 2020 * 6 min read
Guide to Quarterly Taxes
How to Determine If and How Much You Owe 
August 2020 * 5 min read
How to Set Up a Self-Employed Business
Guide to Setting Up a Self-Employed Business 
February 2020 * 6 min read
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