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Budget, save, and organize with pockets

Seamless cash flow management
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Found mobile app, desktop website, and debit card
Found mobile app, desktop website, and debit card
Customize your cash flow to achieve your goals

Pockets give you clarity and control over your business finances. Create pockets to save towards specific goals, to track different businesses, or for Profit First budgeting.

Create custom pockets in seconds
Create custom pockets in seconds
Auto-allocate funds to each pocket
Auto-allocate funds to each pocket
Set savings goals and track progress
Set savings goals and track progress

Budgeting and saving tailored to your business

Quickly separate and earmark money with pockets. Set aside funds for payrolls, supplies, emergencies — whatever you choose. Have multiple revenue streams? Track them all in one place with custom pockets.

Flexible funding options

Seamlessly fund your pockets in the way that works best for you. You can move money between pockets any time, or automatically allocate a percent of every deposit to a specific pocket.

Savings goals help you stay on track

Whether you're saving for insurance premiums or a rainy day, pockets enable you to set per-pocket savings and track your progress. And Found's auto-saving feature automatically calculates and allocates funds to your Taxes pocket, so tax day is stress-free.

A perfect fit for Profit First

With Found's pockets, you can easily use the Profit First method to help ensure your business's success. Create pockets to see and manage your cash flow, save for your goals, and - most importantly - make a profit.

Introducing Pockets: The Smarter Way to Manage Your Finances as a Freelancer

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