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How do I add my past business expenses into my Found account?

How do I add my past business expenses into my Found account?

Make a purchase for your business, but didn't use your Found card? You can still record your business expenses in your Found app! There are two ways to add expenses to your Found account:

Manual Entry

  1. Tap on the clock icon to open the Activity tab

  2. Tap the plus icon in the corner of the screen.

  3. Select Add expense manually from the menu

  4. Choose the kind of expense that you incurred, and enter the details of the amount, merchant, and purpose of the expense

You can also add income that you received that wasn't deposited to your Found account, just select Add income manually to add that income and update your tax estimate.

Photo Receipt Capture

If you’re a Found Plus user, photo receipt capture makes it remarkably easy to create an expense from a receipt. Simply take a picture of your receipt, and let our image recognition software automatically pull the key details into an expense item for you.

Here’s how:

  1. Tap on the clock icon to open the Activity tab

  2. Tap on the plus icon in the bottom right corner

  3. Tap Scan your receipt

  4. Take a photo or choose from your phone’s photo library

  5. Verify the receipt details and tap Add

  6. Choose a category and tap Got it to save your transaction

When categorizing your expenses, if you click the green “I don’t see mine” link, and then “Other business expense,” you can search through all of the available expense categories that your purchase could fit under.

Still not seeing the right category? You can always use the “Other” category. If you use this category, just be sure to add details on the merchant and purpose of the expense. Or, if you’re a Found Plus customer, create a custom category to granularly track this type of expense.

For more information and to sign up for Found Plus, click here.

Found is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.


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