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About Found

Who is Found for?
How does Found work?
How much does Found cost?
How do I sign up for a Found account?
Can I use Found internationally?
Can I use Found if I have an LLC?
Is Found FDIC-insured?
Does Found issue checks?
Are there deposit or transaction limits?
What businesses are prohibited from using Found?

Getting started

I signed up for Found, but my account isn't active yet. What do I do?
I’m having trouble verifying my SSN
I'm having trouble verifying my phone number
How do I reset the password to my Found account?
When will my Found card arrive?
Why haven't I received my Found card yet?
How do I update the business name on my account?
How do I update the phone number on my account?
Where can I find my bank statements?
Where can I find a voided check or bank letter?
How do I close my Found account?
How do I reopen my Found account?

Funding your Found account

How do I fund my Found account?
How do I access my direct deposit form?
How will bank holidays affect my deposit schedule?
Can I deposit a check to my Found account?
Can I receive wire transfers to my Found account?
How do I link my Found account to Cash App?
How do I link my Found account to PayPal?
How do I link my Found account to Square?
How do I link my Found account to Venmo?
When will my funds be available?
Can I make instant transfers into my Found account?
Does Found review deposits into my account?
Why was my direct deposit canceled?
Where is my deposit?
What is a trace number?

Using your card

Where can I use my Found card?
How do I add my virtual card to a mobile wallet?
Can I use my Found card at an ATM?
Where can I find my card information in my account?
Why do I need both a physical card and a virtual card?
What is the difference between my physical card and my virtual card?
How do I activate my Found card?
Can I order additional physical cards?
How do I create an additional card?
How do I set spending limits on an additional virtual card?
How do I enable foreign transactions on my additional virtual cards?
How do I request a replacement physical card?
How do I lock, delete, or disable my additional virtual cards?
How do I share an additional card with a trusted business partner?
Where can I use my virtual cards?
Can I rename or edit a virtual card after creation?
Do I have to fund my additional card separately from my main Found card?
What PIN is associated with my virtual cards?
Are my additional cardholders able to access my Found account?
How can I keep tabs on my virtual card spending?

Payments & Transactions

How do I get money out of my Found account?
Can I make purchases with my tax balance?
How do I pay myself with Found?
How long do transfers to a linked bank account take?
How to send payments with Found
How do I dispute a transaction?

Sending invoices

How do I create an invoice?
How do I send a recurring invoice?
How do I schedule an invoice to be sent later?
How do I send multiple invoices to different people?
How do I customize the appearance of the Invoices I send?
How can I make sure my invoices are sent using my Business Name?
How do I add a discount to an invoice?
How do I attach a document to an invoice?
Can I add a custom note to every invoice I create?
Can I save my invoice as a draft before sending it to my client? 
Is it possible to edit an invoice after I send it?
How do I delete an invoice?
Can I schedule automatic payments?
How do I calculate sales tax on an invoice?
Are there limits to the amount I can invoice? 
What are the payment methods available when sending an invoice?
Will the funds from a paid invoice go directly into my account?
When will I receive payment for my invoice? 
How do bank transfers via invoice work?
How do card payments on invoices work?
My invoice was marked as paid, where are the funds? 
How can I issue a refund on a paid invoice?


How should I categorize my business expenses?
How do I add my past business expenses into my Found account?
What’s the difference between a manual transaction and a regular transaction?
What are custom categories?
How do I create custom categories?
What are category rules?
How do I create category rules?
How do I export my bookkeeping details?


What are quarterly taxes?
How is my tax bill calculated?
Can I set a custom tax percentage?
How do write-offs work?
What can I deduct?
What is self-employment tax?
How do I track my mileage?
What amount is Found using for the standard deduction?
What are credits and how do I add them?
What are adjustments and how do I add them?
How do I make tax payments through Found?
Can I pay my state taxes through Found?
Can I pay taxes for a previous tax period?
How are these tax payments actually made?
Where do I locate previous tax payments?
Where is my receipt for tax payment?
I paid my taxes outside of Found, can I add those payments?
How does my Taxes account work?
How does tax auto-saving work?
Why did my tax account stop auto-saving?
Why is Found auto-saving more taxes than expected?
How do I transfer funds between my business and taxes accounts?
I made a mistake on my tax profile, how do I update it?
What is the Tax Packet and how do I download it?
What is a Schedule C?
How do I file my taxes?
All About the W-9 Form
The 1099-NEC Form
How do I create 1099s with Found?
I was sent a 1099 form, what do I do with it?

Found Plus

What is Found Plus?
What are the benefits of joining Found Plus?
How do I earn an APY bonus on my Found balance?
How do I sign up for Found Plus?
Is there a free trial for Found Plus?
How much does Found Plus cost?
How do I pay for Found Plus?
How do I cancel my Found Plus subscription?

Found is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.


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