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How do I create additional debit cards?

How do I create additional debit cards?

If your business has employees or other trusted contacts, you can create and securely share virtual debit cards with those contacts to make purchases from your Found account.

To create an additional virtual card, please see the below steps.

From the app

  1. Open the Found app.

  2. Tap the debit card icon in the bottom menu.

  3. Tap Create a card at the top of your debit card stack.

  4. Name your card and then set its spending limit, if applicable.

From the website

  1. Click the debit card icon in the Business Balance section of the Overview page.

  2. Click Create a card at the top of your debit card list.

  3. Name your card and set its spending limit, if applicable.

  4. Click Create virtual card.

Custom virtual cards work just like your primary cards. You can lock them, enable foreign transactions, and use them wherever you would use your Found debit card.

The main differences with custom virtual cards are that you can name these cards, set spending limits, and securely share them with trusted contacts.

Can I order additional physical cards?

At this time, Found account holders are limited to one physical debit card.

However, you can create up to 10 additional virtual cards for your account, which you can then share with any employees, business partners or other trusted contacts if needed.  All additional cards are virtual and can be used for online purchases and in-person transactions through Apple and Google Pay.

Please note that the main account holder bears all responsibilities for PIN-secured activities—including transactions and ATM withdrawals—and is responsible for ensuring that their account is only used for lawful purposes.

Where can I use my virtual cards?

Your virtual cards can be accepted anywhere online that accepts a Mastercard. You can also add your virtual cards to mobile wallets, such as Apple or Google Wallets to be used as a method of payment.

Can I rename or edit a virtual card after I create it?

If you need to edit or rename a virtual card after you have created it, you will need to delete that card and create a new card with the correct information. 

What PIN number do my additional cards use?

Additional virtual cards use the same PIN as your main debit cards. You can update your PIN at any time by tapping the gear icon on your primary virtual or physical debit card and choosing Change PIN from the menu.

How do I delete a custom virtual card?

You can delete custom virtual cards at any time from that card’s settings menu. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the card that you want to delete.

  2. Tap the gear icon to open the settings menu and tap Delete card.

  3. Tap Confirm on the confirmation screen to proceed with deleting the card. Tap Cancel if you wish to keep the card. 

Please note, if there are any pending transactions that were made with the card, they will still process even if the card has been deleted, but no new purchases will be able to be made once the card has been deleted.

How can I keep tabs on my virtual card spending?

Just like with your primary debit card, you’ll receive real-time transaction alerts from Found when your virtual cards are used for purchases. If you’ve set limits on your virtual cards, the progress bar on each card will fill up as your limit is reached.

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