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How do I add or request a W-9 form from a contractor?

How do I add or request a W-9 form from a contractor?

Once you’ve added a contractor to your Found account, you can securely request their W-9 details to ensure that you have everything you need to generate their 1099-NEC form at the end of the tax year.

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Contractor Management. On Mobile, navigate to the Business tab and choose Contractor Management from the menu. On Desktop, click the Contractors link.

  2. Add a contractor or select an existing one.

  3. If you have your contractor’s W-9 information already, click Add Manually. You will need your contractor’s full name, business name, SSN or EIN, and address.

  4. If you need to request your contractor’s W-9, click Request W-9. Your contractor will receive a link to securely share their information with you.

Any contractor that doesn’t have a W-9 filled out will show “Missing W-9” next to their name in Contractor Management.

For more on the W-9 form, visit our resource center.

Can I have the contractor fill out a W-9 form before I send payment?

At this time Found does not have a feature that can ensure a W-9 Form is filled out prior to receiving payment. You may send a reminder to your contractor to fill out the W-9 form by opening contractor details and tapping the Remind button.

Can I fill out the W-9 for my contractor?

Yes! If you have your contractor’s complete information, you may fill out the form yourself. You will need their full name, business name, SSN or EIN, and address.

Can I update a contractor’s W-9?

If you added your contractor’s information yourself, you can adjust it as their information changes or if you made a mistake. Just find the contractor in your Found account and tap their W-9 to adjust it. If your contractor submitted a W-9 themselves, they may need to reach out to our Customer Experience team to adjust it.

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