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How to Link your Found Account to Cash App

How to link your Found Account to Cash App?

You are able to link your Found account to your Cash App account, and then transfer funds between those two accounts.

Link Cash App with Card:

Cash App will allow you to do instant cash outs to Found.

Just select “Link Card” instead of “Link Bank” when adding a payment method, and enter your Found card details.

Link Cash App with Bank:

In order for Found to be an option, you need to ensure you do not have another bank currently linked to your Cash App.

  • Select the Banking tab to begin

  • Once in “Banking”, select the “Linked Accounts” option

  • Click the “+” in the “Link Bank” option

  • Search for “Found” in the Bank search function

  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Found app credentials (username and password) - please note that your username is the email used for your Found account

  • Your Found account should appear as “Found Checking”, listing the last 4 digits of your account number. Please click this option.

  • Finally, Cash App will confirm that your account was successfully linked!

Once your account is confirmed in Cash App, you’ll be able to fund your Found account via direct deposits from CashApp!

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