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Found's Deposit Review Process

Found's Deposit Review Process

All deposits are subject to review by our Compliance team, and we cannot guarantee yours will be accepted. For information on Founds terms, please view our Terms of Service.

PPP and SBA Loan Deposit Eligibility Information

Found is committed to the safety and security of our account holders, to that end, Found will investigate fraud and suspicious activity regarding Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) deposits internally, and will take action as needed.

In order to deposit a PPP or SBA EIDL loan payment to your Found account, your Found account must meet the following requirements:

  • The Found account must have been opened at least 30 days prior to attempting to deposit a loan

  • There must be, but not limited to, 1 deposit from another source

In addition, all loan deposits are subject to review by our Compliance team, who may decline deposits that do not meet Found’s compliance standards.

Why was my deposit canceled?

Reasons a deposit may fail are, but not limited to, incorrect account and routing information, incorrect account holder information, other reasons returned to sender by the bank.

Why is my deposit still pending?

Pending deposits are deposits that are known to Found but have not yet been fully processed (posted) to your account. Timelines for different types of pending deposits can be found here.

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