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How do I use Accountant Dashboard to manage my clients’ Found accounts?

How do I use Accountant Dashboard to manage my clients’ Found accounts?

If you’re an accountant and your client is using Found to run their business, you can use Found’s Accountant Dashboard to gain direct access to their bookkeeping information and reports. To view their data, have them invite you to access their account.

Access to Found accounts is only granted for the intended purposes of an accountant managing their client’s finances, and may be revoked by Found or the user at any time.

Once you’ve accepted the accountant sharing invitation, log into Found and you’ll have access to three areas: Activity, Reports, and Documents.

Add, Edit, and Remove Bookkeeping Records in Activity

From the Activity page, you can add bookkeeping records for income and expenses that haven’t been captured by your client. Or, if they’ve connected external accounts, you can import transactions from these accounts or from a QuickBooks or Cash App CSV.

Need to make adjustments to records that have already been added? Tap any transaction to adjust its category and add notes, tags, or a receipt. You can make bulk edits to records by clicking the checkbox next to each transaction you’d like to edit and then clicking Tag. Categorize, or Delete to edit these records all at once.

Finally, click the Export button to export your client’s bookkeeping data to CSV.

View business reports in Reports

Accountant Dashboard gives you access to your clients’ business reports, including Profit/Loss, Expenses, and Income. All of your clients’ reports can be filtered by pocket (divisions of your client’s funds) and tag, giving you clear visibility into the health of their business.

Review tax information in Documents

The Documents tab takes you to your client’s Schedule C, as generated in Found from their bookkeeping information. Review previous years’ Schedule Cs by adjusting the year, and export to PDF at the click of a button.

Can I invite my other clients to Found?

Absolutely! If you have other clients who would benefit from Found, you can invite them by tapping Invite a client in the Clients tab. They’ll show up in your clients list and, once they create an account and share access with you,, you’ll be able to view their activity.

Can I use Found for my own business if I’m managing accounting clients?

Not quite yet. If you’ve been invited to manage a Found user’s finances and do not already have a Found account yourself, you aren’t able to sign up for a new Found account. Stay tuned, though—we’re actively working on a way to enable accountants to manage their clients with Accountant Dashboard and manage their own business with Found.

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