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Initiation of Micro-Deposits

Initiation of Micro-Deposits

Proof of Authorization

Authorization of Micro-Deposits. I authorize Indie Technologies, Inc. to initiate two micro-deposits transactions to and from the bank account that I provide in the applicable fields (“Linked Bank Account”). The micro-deposits are two small amount credits and subsequent debits in the same amount in the Linked Bank Account. Such micro-deposits and withdrawals will appear in my Linked Bank Account within 3 days of this authorization and I will provide information related to such micro-deposits to Indie Technologies, Inc. These micro-deposits will be proof that I have access to the Linked Bank Account.

ACH Debit Proof of Authorization. With the confirmation the micro-deposits, the Linked Bank Account is verified, and I authorize Indie Technologies, Inc. to electronically debit the Linked Bank Account as provided in my agreement with Indie Technologies, Inc.. I understand that this authorization will remain in full force and effect until I notify Indie Technologies, Inc. by emailing help@found.com that I wish to revoke this authorization. I understand that Platform requires at least four (4) business days prior notice in order to cancel this authorization.

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