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What is a trace number?

What is a trace number?

If you need more information about a wire transfer, you’ll need to request an Input/Output Message Accountability (IMAD/OMAD) number from the originating bank.

Similar to trace numbers, IMAD/OMAD numbers are uniquely assigned to wire transfers that can be used to investigate and track these transfers. They’ll look something like this: YYYYMMDDXXXXXXXX012345.

What do I need to provide to Found to trace a deposit?

Please include the following information:

  • Sender Details

    • Name of sender

    • Bank the deposit was sent from

    • Sender’s Routing Number

    • Sender’s Account Number

  • Transaction Details

    • Amount Sent

    • Date Sent

    • Whether it was a Wire Transfer or ACH (Bank) Transfer

    • Trace Number or IMAD/OMAD Number

  • Recipient Details

    • Name of receiver

    • Routing number

    • Account number

Providing all of this information will allow us to immediately start the investigation process.

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