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Are there deposit or transaction limits?

Are there deposit or transaction limits?

Found accounts have limits in place for your protection. Different limits apply for different kinds of deposits or transactions, both to and from your Found account. The limits are cumulative, and daily limits will reset at midnight PST.

Full details on limits are listed below:

Daily limits for money going into your Found account:

  • Direct deposits: No limit

  • Transfers from a linked bank account: $500 per week

  • Transfers from payment apps (like PayPal or Cash App): No limit

Daily limits for money going out of your Found account:

  • Transfers to a linked bank account: $3,000

  • ATM withdrawals: $550

  • Purchases with your Found card: $4,000

  • Transfers to payment apps (like PayPal or Cash App): $2,000

Need to adjust these limits?

If you need a boost to one of the above limits, you may qualify for a limit increase. You're able to request a limit increase through your Found account. To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Found account online or through your mobile app.

  2. Click your name in the top-right corner and choose Business Banking from the menu. Or, on mobile, click Business Account on the home screen.

  3. Under Limits, click the Request a Limit Increase link.

  4. Select the limits you'd like to adjust, update the numbers, and let us know a little information about why you're requesting the limit increase.

  5. Click Submit and a member of our Customer Experience team will promptly review and respond to your request.

Need a hand?
Email our support team at help@found.com
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