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What are the benefits of joining Found Plus?

What are the benefits of joining Found Plus?

Found Plus is an optional paid subscription service that gives customers access to advanced tools to power their business.

Subscribing to Found Plus gives you access to the following benefits:

Unlimited category rules

Category rules allow you to categorize transactions from specific vendors automatically. Subscribe to software for your business? Set up a rule to categorize that expense as “Software & subscriptions” automatically.

All Found users get access to a handful of common category rules pre-created by Found, as well as one user-created custom rule.

Found Plus gives you the ability to create unlimited category rules for both income and expenses.

Custom bookkeeping categories

Custom categories give you another layer of customization when it comes to income and expense tracking. Want to track how much money your business spends on coffee? Create a custom category called “Coffee” to specifically track coffee expenses.

All Found users get access to standard, pre-set categories created by Found.

Found Plus gives you the ability to set your own categories in addition to the standard, pre-set categories.

Photo receipt capture

Photo receipt capture makes it remarkably easy to create an expense from a receipt. Simply take a picture of your receipt, and let our image recognition software automatically pull the key details into an expense item for you.

Access to photo receipt capture is exclusive to Found Plus users.

Export bookkeeping details

Exporting bookkeeping details makes it easy to work with the rich data in your Found app. Whether you want to analyze your transaction history further or just want to keep a copy of your data handy, the Found Plus export feature lets you download all of the categorization, notes, and receipt information associated with your transactions.

All Found users have the ability to download basic transaction information from Found.

Found Plus gives you the ability to download your bookkeeping data in addition to your standard transaction information.

Pay your taxes through Found

Paying your taxes through Found makes your quarterly federal tax payments a breeze. Use our tax estimate feature to understand how much you owe, and our tax account feature to set money aside. When the quarterly tax payment deadline comes around, Found Plus will let you pay your federal taxes directly from the app.

Please note that state tax payments (if applicable in your state) are not supported in Found Plus.

Found is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.


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