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Why do I need to upgrade my Found account?

Why do I need to upgrade my Found account?

Found is updating our banking services so that we can offer you more banking features, such as higher deposit limits and an updated business debit card. In order to continue using your account and to get access to the new banking services, you’ll need to accept our updated terms and conditions by March 25th, 2021 or your Found account will be automatically closed!

The new banking services are free of charge, and it takes just a second to upgrade your account. Head to your Found app, and you’ll see an alert that asks you to upgrade your account. Accept the new terms and conditions, and you’re done!

Note that once you upgrade your account, you’ll receive:

  1. New account and routing numbers. If you’re receiving deposits from other banks, apps, or clients using your old account and routing numbers, you’ll need to update those numbers. You can find your new account and routing numbers in your app menu. Your old account and routing numbers will be deactivated 14 days after you upgrade.

  2. A new Found card. Your new card number will be immediately available in your Found app. You can go ahead and start using that card number for business purchases, including via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Your physical card will arrive in the mail within 7-10 days. Your old card number will be deactivated 14 days after you upgrade.

Questions about upgrading? Reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help!

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