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How much does Found cost?

How much does Found cost?

There are no fees for opening or using your Found account. This means you can transfer funds to and from your account, create invoices, and send payments with no charges. There are also no overdraft fees or minimum balance fees.

There are a few situations where using your Found card can result in fees being charged by someone other than Found:

  • ATM fees: Found never charges you for ATM withdrawals, but some ATMs may add their own fee.

  • International fees: You can use your card for international transactions in different currencies. When you do this, the card network will convert the transaction into US Dollars, and they may take a fee as part of this conversion.

  • Invoice fees: When your clients pay an invoice via a debit or credit card, Stripe charges a 2.9% fee on the total payment, plus an additional 30 cents for processing.

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