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How do I set up direct deposit?

How do I set up direct deposit?

Your Found account comes with account and routing numbers that you can use to fund your account. You can use those numbers to receive funds in a few different ways, including direct deposits from other banks, or payments from payment processors like Square or Stripe. You can find those details in your app menu by clicking the “Business banking” button, then “Direct deposit”.

If you need a direct deposit enrollment form in order to set up direct deposit with a bank or a client, you can email yourself one by clicking the “Get a direct deposit enrollment form” button on that same screen. Once you do so, a form (including a voided check with your account details) will be emailed to you.

Some banks may require that you submit a letter from Found in order to set up direct deposit. If you need a bank letter from Found, contact us at help@found.com and we can generate one for you within one business day.

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